Fifth Corner specializes in maximizing the value of specialty, neighborhood, and community shopping centers as well as mixed-use projects located on “Irreplaceable Corners™.”

We maximize the value of these properties through a consistent process of careful and strategic acquisitions, best-of-class leasing and property management, and renovation or redevelopment as property and market conditions dictate. We are proven fiduciaries who earned the trust of over 6,000 investors and institutional partners such as JPMorgan Investment Management, Goldman Sachs and AEW Capital Management, L.P.

At Fifth Corner, we are committed to creating vibrant places that serve their local communities – places that will be more memorable than they were prior to our involvement.   They are places where customers often find their favorite grocery store, restaurant, coffee shop, or boutique. They frequent them more than they do our competitors without really thinking about it. And they tell us that these places are more convenient, more pleasant, or that they simply feel better.

At Fifth Corner, we think about these places all day, every day…and these memorable places are what we call Irreplaceable Corners™.

We choose to concentrate our efforts on building a portfolio located within the most affluent and dense submarkets of major metropolitan cities. We seek vibrant locations that serve customers from various sources such as office complexes, universities, medical systems and tourism, as well as residential households.


Demographic Affluence – Target $100,000 AVG HHI in 1-mile

Density of Population – Target 100,000 people in 3-mile

Demand Generators – Multiple demand generators to maximize retail sales

Desirability of Physical Layout – Conforming improvements to maximize value

Demarcation – A local understanding of barriers and proximity



  • High barriers to entry

  • Higher than average percentage of value attributable to land

  • Higher density of improved properties

  • Heightened retailer demand

Demographic Affluence & Density of Population

Source: The Nielsen Company and Form 10-K for the year ended December 2014. Demographics for AmReit and selected public peer group reflect only retail and shopping center assets that are consolidated operating properties as of December 31, 2014. Data is weighted by GLA of consolidated operating properties.